10 years

[The] LIVE Agency team has a 10 years experience in handling live video content projects in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Netherlands, Switzerland. Previously the live video production activity was done under the FLEXI.LIVE brand.

Clement Nicolaescu

Managing Partner & Co-founder

For the development of live video projects it is necessary for a wide array of knowledge, abilities and know how to be present: communication, story telling, organization and a considerable quantity of technical knowledge and abilities.
All of the aforementioned are found within our team and have been strengthened by the experience of complex projects carried out succesfully.



Scania was launching their new truck model in Paris. Our team had to make sure that this event would reach the cinema screens in 5 cities in Romania. We created an interconnected network in order to achieve a live event that was happening at once in all 6 European cities. A complex project, narrated by Irina Margareta Nistor.

Client: Scania

Project Type: Product reveal

Location: Oradea, Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Paris

Nr of cameras: 11

How many doctors can witness a cochlear implant surgery? All those who were present in the ENT Forum hall. A project that involved live streaming from a sterile operation room, without disturbing the surgery, without bothering the surgeon and in the same time doing everything possible to get the best shot.

Client: Versa Media

Project Type: Special Project

Location: București

Nr of Cameras: 4

Eukanuba World Challenge is one of the biggest and impozing canine competitions in the world. Hundreds of dogs from around the world come to compete for this title. It’s a vigorous, dynamic, massive show that is a challenge for any video team.

Client: Eukanuba

Event Type: Canine Competition

Location: Amsterdam

Nr of Cameras: 8

Cycling competition with a route that runs through Vienna. A project that required attention, flexibility and coordination.

Client: RCS Sport

Project Type: Sports Event Cycling

Location: Vienna

Nr of Cameras: 5

The most important event of the cinematography industry in Romania, Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) from Cluj, was host for two days to the Jameson Film Talks. Our team made a series of live marathon interviews with the most important figures of the Romanian cinematography. The host of the interviews was Cristian China Birta.

Client: Jameson Irish Wiskey

Project Type: Live Marathon Interviews

Nr. of Cameras: 3

Joseph Lambert, former Navy Seal and the protagonist of the Manhunt show on Discovery Channel, came to Romania for the launch of this program. With this occasion a project was prepared in which Joseph tried to evade 3 teams of pursuers, tasked with the mission of capturing him. The chase happened from the moment when he landed on the Otopeni airport until he reached the extraction point in the Bucharest City Centre. Everything was permanently live.

Client: Discovery Network

Event Type: Show premiere

Location: București

Robert Wilson, described as one of the most important directors of the theater avant-garde, staged at the Marin Sorescu National Theater in Craiova, the Rhinoceros play by the famous playwright Eugen Ionesco. Our team was responsible for the play to be seen in Bucharest at the National Theater Festival. The transmission of the play of a director known for his obsessive attention to detail was more than a mere technical challenge.

Client: Marin Sorescu National Theatre

Location: Craiova

Project Type: Theatrical Piece

Nr of Cameras: 5

The canine absolute and grand final organized by the World Canine Organization, which brings together dog finalists of competitions from all around the world. We see grace, speed and precision for the dogs and also for the live streaming team.

Client: Fédération Cynologique Internationale

Location: Geneva

Nr. of Cameras: 7

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